Heavy Metal Electric

Client     Volvo Trucks

Do you have to be loud to be powerful? Or can silence rock just as hard? These were the questions asked when Volvo Trucks approached us with a collaboration with legendary metal drummer Mikkey Dee (Motörhead, Scorpions etc). The goal was to create a campaign that dispelled the notion that electric vehicles are somehow weaker than their diesel counterparts, using the contrast between the loud and powerful Mikkey Dee and Volvo's very quiet and powerful electric range.

As Mikkey is associated with pushing the limit, we wanted to create a campaign that aligned with both his personality and the Volvo Trucks brand. This resulted in a multi-film campaign with everything from hero films to stunt films where Mikkey both drives the truck and gets his drum kit hoisted up by an electric truck. The films all show how something as feracious and loud as Mikkey Dee is perfectly matched by the silent power of electric trucks.

The campaign was hugely successful and got international attention from metal and truck fans alike – proving to the world that communication around electric vehicles isn’t limited to being based on an environmental message. These products are not something you have to settle with to save the planet – they are metal legends in their own right.


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