Film productions with both heart and soul

As a creative film agency, we help everything from startups to global corporations tell stories in interesting, relevant, and sometimes unconventional ways. With the client's tactical business goals and the creative idea at the center, we create visual experiences with high production value. Films that move and elevate your brand. Regardless of your needs, we will provide creative proposals based on your goals, conditions, deadlines, and budget.

Commercial film

Unwanted interruption or enjoyable entertainment? A good commercial must stand out in a way that aligns with the brand and feels genuine and credible. We create stories that match the target audience´s interest and engage them. The greatest impact is achieved when the film is tailored to each channel, both in terms of idea and format, and supported by a solid distribution strategy.

A well-made brand or corporate film showcases your values, operations, and culture in a credible and genuine way. At the same time, it increases your presence, helps you stand out from the crowd, and builds your brand long term. Through storytelling, we evoke emotions that bring you closer to your target audiences and create narratives that convert viewers into new customers.

Product launch film

With more than 30 years in the film industry, we've helped launch everything from self-driving trucks to frozen mini pizzas. It's not just about capturing the attention of your target audience, but also deeply explaining the benefits and why your product or service is the solution to their problem. Infusing launch films with emotions and anticipation is equally important.

Animations, motion graphics and VFX

Through animated films, we can illustrate and visualize concepts still on the drawing board, or contexts that are otherwise difficult to show. Perhaps let the viewer take a dive into the fibers of a fabric, or into the cylinder of a car engine? We produce films in 2D and 3D for everything that requires a bit of extra guidance. With the help of VFX, we can also create special effects that are difficult or very expensive to film, or retouch scenes to better match your vision or product.

Employer Branding video

Attracting the right talent is becoming increasingly challenging. With a recruitment or employer branding film, you showcase your corporate culture and work environment in a genuine and unique way that is hard to convey in text. It also gives you the opportunity to attract new employees by allowing applicants to get to know the company and meet their future colleagues.

Customers find it increasingly difficult to absorb texts and lengthy instructions. According to Google, 50% of customers want to see a video of a product or service before making a purchase. Additionally, if it concerns a complex subject or area or contains multiple steps, an informational film can be a good solution. By being able to explain and demonstrate through words, visuals, and perhaps clarifying graphics, the film is superior to other communication channels.

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