You are my hero

Client    Stadsmissionen / Dear Friends

Swedish aid agency Göteborgs Stadsmission has around 270 volunteers. As a volunteer, you contribute your time and commitment by delivering bags of food to families living in poverty, distributing clothes to the city's homeless, serving food, washing dishes at the organisation's centres, assisting parents at their Christmas shop, and much more. This effort becomes even more crucial when the temperature drops and snow fills the streets.

To honour all the volunteers and collect gifts, providing the opportunity for a happier Christmas, we produced this Christmas commercial pro bono for Stadsmissionen. In the film, the artist Miriam Bryant covers the song "VinterNoll2" by the Swedish band Kent.

"When asked, it was a certainty to be a part of this project. Gothenburg is my hometown, and I have personally witnessed how Stadsmissionen truly helps people who are struggling," says Miriam Bryant.

Stampgatan 20A
411 01 Gothenburg

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111 60 Stockholm